2010 Executive Council

President: Mike McAnulty, Ph.D.


The President is the chief executive officer of the Chapter and presides over meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Council. Each year, the President-Elect from the previous year assumes the office of President and serves a one-year term.

President-Elect: Mark Hale


President-Elect serves as an understudy to the President and assumes the role of President in the President's absence. The President-Elect is elected each year and serves one year as President-Elect and the following year as President.

Secretary: Sonia Alvidrez


The Secretary keeps the minutes of Chapter business meetings and Executive Council meetings. The Secretary is also the custodian of all Chapter records and is chief Parlimentarian.  The chapter has recently amended its bylaws so that the secretary is a two-year position, elected in odd-numbered years.

Treasurer: Atul Deshmukh


The Treasurer keeps all financial records of the Chapter, distributes Chapter funds, and prepares the annual financial report.  The chapter has recently amended its bylaws so that the treasurer is a two-year position, elected in even-numbered years.

Program Chair: Jennifer Ross, Ph.D.


The Program Chair organizes Chapter meetings, arranges with speakers to attend meetings, and organizes other Chapter activities. The Program Chair is elected in even-numbered years.

Membership Chair: Karen Buondonno


The Membership Chair maintains the Chapter membership mailing list and is responsible for determining the eligibility of members. The Membership chair is elected in even-numbered years.

Nominations & Elections Chair: Kate McDevitt


The Nominations Chair is responsible for conducting Chapter elections and determining eligibility of members to hold Chapter offices. The Nominations Chair is elected in odd-numbered years.

Publications Chair: Michael Cluff


The Publications Chair is responsible for creating and editing the Chapter newsletter and any other Chapter publications, including the chapter website. The Publications Chair is elected in odd-numbered years.